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Change Your Latitude


A Long Hot Summer

I have woefully neglected my blog. I have to admit that I do not love to write. I spent a long, hot summer planning honeymoons and destination weddings for my clients during the day and binge watching the entire Gossip Girl series in the evening. Alas, I now know who Gossip Girl is (stunned,) so I will now spend my evenings devoted to my blog. During this long, hot summer I did spend two very hot but very enjoyable weeks in Mexico (where I was not able to stream Gossip Girls much to my husband’s delight.) See pictures below.

I am getting ready to go back to Mexico tomorrow for the Gay Weddings Institute destination wedding workshop. Fortunately, I am really good at posting pictures on Instagram. You can follow me @changeyourlatitudetravel and see the beautiful resorts and beaches of Mexico. When I get back I will write reviews for the resorts I stayed at and share pictures. That is if I don’t find another series to binge watch. Any suggestions?

All my honeymooners receive these awesome customized tumberls to keep their "water" cold at the swim-up bar!

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