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Cancun-It's Not Just for Spring Break

I often mention Cancun to clients looking for the perfect location for a honeymoon or destination wedding. The most common reply is that they don't want a party resort. Honeymooners want a romantic resort and couples getting married want privacy. I understand these requests and Cancun still fits those needs. There are several adult-only, all-inclusive resorts in Cancun that fit description. Not to mention Cancun as the brightest blue water I've ever seen. Cancun has shopping, fine dining, night clubs, water activities and 5 star resorts. Take a look at these pictures and you'll see what I mean about Cancun being the perfect location for honeymoon or destination wedding.

Love Mexico 139.JPG

Love Mexico 001.JPG

Cancun Sept 2014 341.JPG

Cancun Sept 2014 340.JPG

Cancun 184.JPG

Cancun Sept 2014 293.JPG

Cancun 181.JPG

Cancun Sept 2014 214.JPG

Cancun 018.JPG

Cancun 008.JPG

These are all pictures from adult-only, all-inclusive resorts in Cancun. The pictures are not photoshopped. You really can't find water that shade of blue anywhere else!

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