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Why Charge a 'Plan to Go Fee'?

I recently started charging a "Plan to Go Fee." What exactly is this you ask? It's like a deposit for services. After the initial get to know you consultation a $100 fee is charged for the planning process. No to worry this fee will be applied to your final payment of your honeymoon.

The fee lets me know that you value my time and expertise. I will spend as many hours as necessary, contact as many resorts, send as many itineraries as necessary and make as many calls as needed to find the perfect fit for your honeymoon. I've even been known to go to a resort while on my personal vacation and take pictures and meet with wedding planners on my own time (this annoys my husband but it's totally worth it.)

By charging a fee I am warding of those that are only price shopping, looking for the cheapest possible honeymoon. I don't want to give you the cheapest possible honeymoon I want to give you the most value for your money. I will be better able to spend my time working on honeymoons for those who want a unique, personal experience. Not the cheapest thing out there.

" Price is what you pay. Value is what you get" Warren Buffett

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